Maximize The Potential of Web Applications

To maximize the capabilities of your web-based applications, they should be created with the following goals in mind:

Integration with business functions and operations

Wouldn’t it help your business if the information a prospect submits on your website was automatically forwarded and stored on your lead management program? Or could you see the benefit of an e-commerce website linked to your inventory management software so you have up-to-the-minute data on current stock.

These and many other functions are possible with web applications that integrate with your existing business functions and operations.

Custom Built For Any Need

While other developers and consultants will offer off-the-shelf web applications, I believe in listening to your specific needs and building customized capabilities. These may include order taking, payment processing, lead generating and securely accessing data.

Compatibility With Any Device

According to Business Insider, there were 835 million smartphone users in 2011, and 81 percent of them accessed the Internet from their mobile devices. In addition, there are several manufacturers of smartphones, each with their own operating system and web browser. Then there is the divergent systems and browsers available on Macs and PCs.

It’s critical that today’s web applications have responsive layouts for any type of computer or device, and that they function properly on multiple platforms.
I will create for your business web applications that will function and look good regardless of the device used to log on.

Powerful Features

Your web applications should accomplish two things: provide customers with a positive experience to encourage them to forward your site to others and return themselves; and to provide you with the data and information you need to grow your business.

Accomplishing these objectives requires web applications built with dynamic functionality that gives you advanced management controls. You also need customized reporting information so you receive the business intelligence you need when you need it. I can create web applications based on just about any business requirements.

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