Atlanta Video Production


With our extensive network of video production professionals in the Atlanta area, Legit Software is able to provide our clientele a smooth video production process to make their vision a reality.  With access to award winning producers, writers, talent agencies, camera operators, grip and electric departments, and top notch post production editors; Legit Software can handle your next company’s profile video, interview, product review or commercial.


Pre-Production | The Vital Phase

This is one of the most important part of the whole video production process.  Within this phase we create a blueprint that allows us to determine what resources need to be allocated to complete your project.  We consult with each of our clients to produce their vision of the project and get the cameras rolling in the shortest time possible.


Production |  The Creative Phase

During our production phase, the amount of time and detail we put into our pre-production meetings will show visibly through fluid crew dynamics.  This is the phase where you see the cameras and lights in action backed by a solid script or blueprint.  You will get to see first hand how a team of filmmakers come together and make your vision a reality.  We will handle all equipment necessities and logistics that are required to create the professional footage our editing architects need for post production.


Post-Production | The Never Perfection Phase

Our video editing architects put all the puzzle pieces together for your final approval.  We use top notch industry leading editing, sound color correction and lighting software to create the best look and delivery. Once we have the final edit we can encode and compressed for DVD, web distribute (youtube or vimeo), broadcast, or fulfill any other request.  


If you final project is created for DVD, our post production team can create menus, cover art and cases.

Legit Software’s Atlanta Video Production services can assist you to fully produce your video from start to finish.  Our specialities are interviews, company profiles, web series, product reviews and commercials.