For many businesses today, their electronic infrastructure is one of their most critical assets. It contains process flows, customer data and employee information. It’s used in marketing, sales lead generations, customer administration and service, and e-commerce.

And yet, as important as it is, it’s also one of the least understood areas of a business. If you’re a restaurant owner, you obviously understand food preparation and how to provide quality service, but may not know how to use your customer database for marketing purposes. Or if you manufacture small engines, you certainly know how to control the air-fuel mixture, but probably lack the knowledge to understand how software applications can increase your productivity.

That’s where a business consultant can help.

A reputable business consultant will take the time to research and study every aspect of your business, then utilize his or her knowledge to match your needs with the appropriate programs and systems.

Providing optimal service means getting to know the intricacies of the client’s business. Almost every business runs on hardware, software and web applications, and many consultants will simply recommend products and processes they are most familiar with or that were used by their other clients.

But there’s more to choosing the right solutions than just knowing the technology involved. The products you make, the services you provide, the distribution channels you work in, the customers you serve, the processes you employ, and the factors that determine your success are all very unique. Therefore, they require custom solutions.

By understanding your business from top to bottom and inside and out, Legit Software can help you:

  • Develop and apply a software strategy that gets the most out of your resources

  • Make your customer’s experience with you more efficient and meaningful

  • Increase your company’s productivity

With 15 years of experience in application and web planning and development, we can consult with your company in the following areas:

Software Development and Analysis

Your company’s software is one of its most important assets, yet also one of the most neglected. We can examine your software package and research different options to help your business run more efficiently, making your customers more satisfied and boosting your bottom line.

Database Administration and Tuning

Effective database administration translates to better application performance, greater revenue, more satisfied customers and greater ability to meet service level agreements. We will take the time to understand your company’s specific needs to create properly managed relations and database functions.

Workflow and Efficiency

Using a thorough five-step process, we can help get your work flow systems operating at peak performance so your company can do the same.

In addition, we believe strongly in consistent communication with my clients. All stages of the consulting and development process will include a cost analysis, and we will produce and go over detailed plans and reports through all phases while adhering to the needs of your business.

Our goal in each project is to make sure our services are more than paid for by the money you save, the increased productivity you experience or the greater amount of sales you enjoy because of your updated software, database or work flow systems.

Contact Legit Software to set up an initial consultation.